Week 8

  The internet is filled with cognitive surplus some example of civic (meaning full) cognitive surplus would be 8-3Wikipedia, Urban Spoon, Yelp, anytime someone uses social media to share a picture of a missing loved one they need help locating, and the example given in the TED video Ushahidi. You can b8-4enefit from websites like yelp and urban spoon by seeing reviews of local places by people just like you. This is helps you out because you can read the reviews and judge if an establishment is worth your time and money to visit or if you think the place might be shady. Other websites like Wikipedia are useful because people put together their knowledge to help others. My Mom would say the Urbandictionary.com is civic cognitive surplus because she need help with the modern lingo of the youth. You can contribute to these websites by posting your experience and knowledge to them. Humans are naturally social beings and they want to interact and share information, that is 8-5how we got were we are today. I believe that communal value is also important to cognitive surplus because we all need a laugh and ‘lul cats’ will help with that.

As we have learned last week people want to feel important and popular so project that make people feel important will encourage you to participate. Also to get involved you have to make a project convenient to the person, make it mobile, accessible, simple, and tech savvy. 8-2


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