Week 6

Mind control    The readings and the PBS show had a lot of information in them that ties into McLuhan’s theory. As our technology grows and we become more and more connected to the world around us the world seems to shrink. The internet is flooded with billions of articles, videos, pictures, podcast, etc… daily and all it takes is a few clicks to access them. Having all of this information at our hands 24/7 can distract us and we feel like we always need to be communicating with others. If you are in class learning you should focus on class. If you are at work you should focus on your job. If you are at home you should focus on your family and personal life. When we try to let these things cross over the boundaries and get mangled up in one another we can get co6-4nfused and lose sight of the true purpose. Since there is now a generation that grew up with lots of technology we are starting to see the effect of what it is doing to us. My generation (early 20’s) and younger are starting to lack social skills, they have a hard time communicating with people face to face and can’t stay focused on one thing for a long time. However the generation that is hiring us have very strong people skills and look for candidates that are intelligent and can interview well. I have also noticed that the disconnection is higher in metropolitan areas and coastal areas that are more plugged in than the mid-west is. I had a boss that used to work in DC and he was always on his phone during meeting or team huddles and I had to ask him once to just focus on what we were talking about. I demand a very high respect for eye contact in a conversation and I want to feel important when I am talking to someone so I also give others that courtesy. Eye contact and devotion to the conversation builds stronger 6-3interpersonal communication skills and a higher level of awareness for others.  

Moving on, I would extend McLuhan’s theory to the internet and mobile devices as a cool medium. I say this because the description of cool mediums as described in the PowerPoint lecture was a medium that takes the user time to understand and work with—they are more complex and in depth to understand over warm mediums. I wouldn’t describe them as mix because although there are some application or websites that are more basic to navigate or use you still have to have a general understanding of the internet and of mobile devices. Generally you use the internet and mobile devices to communicate or do research on, they require some level of interaction and do 6-2not come at the same level that watching a motion picture would. I have grown up in a generation were technology has played a large roll and I have always been around it so at first my instinct was to call the internet and mobile devices a warm medium but then I had to look at it from the view point that what if I have never used a cell phone or the internet it would be hard for me to learn just like it 6-5was hard for my mom to learn a smart phone when she first got it. I feel like some of these questions we take for granted when we grow up in a privileged environment but it is always important to remember not everyone as had the same opportunities we have had and do not have access to some of the advanced technology that we have at school or in our homes.


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