Week 1 Blog Post: Introduction of myself, my technology adaptation, and un-adopted technology.

Greeting Bloggers!

My name is Jazmyn (aka JazzyFreshhh, a nickname giving to by my work colleagues). I am an undergraduate student going for a double major in Business Administration and Management with plans to graduate in December. After graduation I plan on staying with UIS for my MBA. Some more personal details are I have no ‘hometown’ because I grew up an Army brat and moved around a lot as a child and I absolutely loved it. I have a boyfriend that I met at UIS and we have been together for 2 years, he majors in communications so I might be bouncing ideas off him for this class. Lastly, I just recently started working full time at CEFCU and I love it there!!!

Some of the communication technologies or apps I currently use to keep in contact with my family and friends are e-mail, IMing, texting, Skyping, phone calls, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I use these application on my cellphone, tablet, and laptop.

As far as what kind of technology adapter I am I consider myself a late majority follower. I feel like I am like this because it is in our human nature to be afraid of change. It is not that I was nervous to get a twitter or Instagram but I was just satisfied using my current means of commination and I didn’t/don’t feel the need to go out and try something new. Also, I want something to be established before I start using it, I like all the initial ‘kinks’ to be worked out first. I am the same way when it comes to buying technology. I don’t see the need to go buy the latest version of whatever is out because technology changes so quickly there is no point as long as my current equipment is working. It can also be very costly to have the innovators lifestyle, usually you can wait 5 months and a product can drop price by at least 20% once the hype of it wears off.

Something I think I could benefit from that I am not currently using is linking/syncing technologies. All of my electronics do WAY more than I need them to and there are so many features that I don’t even know how to use. I bet if I could find a way to sync all my electronics and efficiently use them I would be more prompt with things and have a neater schedule. It is hard when technology is smarter than you!


7 thoughts on “Week 1 Blog Post: Introduction of myself, my technology adaptation, and un-adopted technology.

  1. Hi Jazmyn!
    I do agree that linking and/or syncing technology would allow a more efficient way for using tech. It would burden the numerous places I have to look when I get a notification on one app. We have so many technological devices right now that it gets exhausting. I am hoping that by linking a few, it would make it more relaxing! Good luck for the rest of the semester and I cannot wait to read more of your work!

    • Thank you for your comment! One thing I am loving right now is I just got a new phone and it syncs all my different emails into one feed and all my calendars from those different emails–it is a BIG help!

  2. Hi Jazmyn! I definitely agree with your description of being “satisfied” with the way things are now in regards to technology. I wasn’t “afraid” to make a Twitter account, I was just happy with my social networking as it was before.

    And there’s is definitely a ton of potential that a lot of people are missing out with their electronics, that’s for sure. Even setting up a Google account and linking your phone/computer/tablet to it is a great way to start off syncing all your electronics. You can set up a calendar on one device and it automatically syncs with the others; its really handy to have on a lot of different devices.

    – Josh

    • Thank you for your comment Josh! I find my self using my smart phone for just about everything now, these little devices are so smart now I can do just about everything except type a paper on it!

  3. Jazmyn, I think you are right about the linking / synching issue.

    I have a iPad mini, a Mac laptop and Mac desktop. They way they all share things like contacts, notes, email, browser bookmarks and calendar data is truly convenient. It’s the reason we got computers in the first place, to keep track of all that stuff.

    I know that if you are on Android and the PC side of things ( I do Apple, PC and Android ) you get almost this same level of sharing on Google / Crome / Plus. While there really is nothing there yet on Plus, the cloud storage and browser synching across platforms is really cool. (Even with Apple apps.)

    Now that we have multiple devices, it is good to have everything all together. Check out Box and Dropbox as they facilitate similar things.

    • Thank you for the idea! As I start to use different types of more portable electronics I will have to use my Google account more. Right now in my life I pretty much do everything on my cell phone and when I set it up it synced all my different email accounts which was amazing in and of itself!

  4. alexanderluzod says:

    Hey Jazmyn,

    It’s good that you brought up a point about how you don’t need to have the latest version of whatever technology. We’re in age where technology is making leaps and bounds much more quickly than our needs suggest. I myself have to have the latest piece of technology, whether it would be my phone or my computer, simply because I like knowing that I have the fastest piece of innovation ready for use. I might not necessarily need that speed, because what really matters is if it can get the job done.

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